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Best Positions to Have Sex During Pregnancy (For Each Trimester)

sex positions during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy has always been a debatable topic for parents. As a thumb rule, unless your doctor advises you otherwise, sex is completely safe for pregnant women no matter what trimester you are in.

Severe hormonal changes will also affect your mood to get intimate with your partner. Especially, in the first trimester with all the nausea and several other bodily changes, sex might not feel that exciting anymore. Continue Reading…

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17 Things You *Need* To Know About Your Toothless’ Movements In the Womb

Baby movements

Baby’s movement in the womb is what every mother is waiting for impatiently, especially first-time mothers. Not every move is a kick, there is a range of motions which you can expect from your little one when he is in the womb including somersaults, hiccups, fluttering around etc. They have plenty of time to explore the uterus and they don’t leave any stones unturned while doing it.

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Decode these 11 Common Body Language Moves of Your Toothless

Baby's Body language

When your baby is born he will not be much active for around a month but as time passes by and he gets used to this new world outside mommy’s uterus, he will interact more and use his body language to start to communicate with you.

He knows that when he cries, he will get to see his favorite person that is YOU. Similarly, there are various other things, which she will learn from time to time to let you know what she needs and what’s bothering her.

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Make the *BEST* Fertility Smoothie EVER with *ONLY* 5 Ingredients

Fertility Smoothie

It’s not a secret that diet plays a crucial role in all your bodily functions. And when it comes to fertility, many people got the good news earlier than they expected after making some major health moves.

As opposed to popular notion, Unhealthy eating habits affect men in the same way as women. Even sperm follows a 3 month cycle and the semen’s proper motility, morphology etc. have all been linked to vitamin deficiency and health negligence. Continue Reading…

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*Practical* Tips to Juggle between a newborn + a toddler so as to maintain your *Sanity*

how to manage a toddler and a newborn

Most of the parents become anxious thinking about the relationship development between their toddler and the new baby. There are so many things that will be completely unexpected.  And not to forget the “double” work, which comes with it.

Still many mothers have testified they would not trade what they have EVER, even though, a little me-time, here and there is necessary to recharge them. Continue Reading…