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7 Badass Mom Replies for the Most Common *Unasked* Advice

Badass Mom Replies

Pregnancy is a phase where people around are just fueling up with their inner urges to unnecessarily comment, advice and counsel you with their not so enlightened wisdom. Even though most people know that all a pregnant woman needs is comfort, love and only ASKED advice. These badass mom replies are for all those haters who think they can get by anything they will say.

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33 WTF but True Facts About Pregnancy

WTF facts about pregnancy

Growing another human being in your body sounds so unreal and mysterious. Well, pregnancy is a mystery. Here are 33 WTF facts about pregnancy that will blow your mind. We have listed 33 but there are many that are not yet known. After all, it’s not so easy to decipher all aspects of such a wonderful creation by God.

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Why is skin to skin so important for your baby?

skin to skin benefits

Hold your newborn close to your bare chest right after birth – is an advice all of us are familiar with. But, most of us don’t know the benefits that can be reaped by such a cozy and beautiful thing that you do with your newborn baby. From promoting perfect latch to stimulating healthy growth, skin to skin benefits in a myriad of ways. After all, human touch can change everything.

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