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DIY Padsicles for Postpartum Relief

padsicles for postpartum

Postpartum Care is a must for all the mothers. To heal naturally and effectively, getting all geared up is essential. And one thing you shouldn’t forget about is PADSICLES. Padiscles are cool, soothing pads that new mamas use for relief from hemorrhoids and vaginal tears. So, it doesn’t matter if your mode of delivery is C-section or Vaginal Birth, you will need these pads for sure.

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C-section vs Vaginal Delivery – What Difference does it make Anyway?

C-section vs Vaginal Delivery

A child makes it’s way into this world either naturally i.e. through the vagina of her mother or by medical intervention a.k.a the C-section surgery. As a woman approaches the end of her pregnancy she becomes more and more worried anticipating about the childbirth and its outcomes. And the number one question that goes on in her mind is how the delivery method will affect her, her baby and her body. Continue Reading…