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The *Ultimate* Toy Guide for Your Toothless’ First Year

toy guide by age

Playing is quintessential to child development. It is a part of the exploration process through which they engage and interact with the world around them. Toys are helpful tools which foster the process of playing and stimulates mental, physical and social well-being.

After the child’s first year he would himself be able to choose which toys interest him more. It’s the first year in which parents need to guide his toothless through the playing saga. So let’s look at this toy guide by age for your toothless’ first year, which would amuse your little one during the first 12 months of his life.

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0-3 Months

Newborns show a very keen interest in the sounds and colors as soon as they are born. But they love contrasting or black and white colors as compared to similar colors like red and orange.

Babies also get transfixed on any object such as a small stuffed toy that you put in front of their face and moves their eyes as the object moves. This is because they enjoy their newly found ability to move their eyes in tandem.

They are best soothed by their mother’s voice because they have heard it the most when they were in the womb.

Give them hand-held toys. Newborn babies can form a grip around objects because of the positioning of their hands in the womb. They are able to move these toys in their nearsightedness. These toys are able to amuse them easily. Buy this one here for Rs.240/-.

Sensory toys are also an excellent choice since they squeak as soon as they form a grip around it. They would be highly fascinated by it since their minds are able to process high-pitched voice better. This is also the reason why baby-talk is a huge hit among babies. 

Buy rockers, cradles or 4moms Mamaroo to calm your child. They will do your job of having to carry and swing your baby.Buy this Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker that comes with a free diaper bag for Rs.4787/- here

Hang some projections above crib, rockers etc to cheer him up. Buy this  Musical Cot Mobile Toy With Remote control and Night Projection for 1475/- here.

toy guide by age

This one mentioned above has various sounds and canopy light which projects overhead on the ceiling.

Play some music especially the genre which you used to hear the most when he was in your womb.


3-6 Months

By now your little one has become fully aware of his surroundings and almost all the things fascinate him a lot.

Babies at this age love when you talk, read or sing to them. They can recognize noise faces, shapes and colours. This is the best time to start reading to them. At this time they would mostly love that their mothers are giving them full attention which they crave for.

One thing which would surely interest them more are the contrasting colours so choose books which have a lot of pictures. Reading helps them to catch the rhythm of the speech and also helps in early language development. Right now, however, they are just enjoying cuddling up to you and listening to your voice.

Buy them playing gyms like kick and play gym (improves hand and eye coordination), musical gym, kick and crawl aquarium gym etc.

toy guide by age

Buy kick and play gym here for $32.72 and musical gym here for $18.99 (both of them ships to India). Fisher price has so many options for all the ages. They are definitely helpful to enjoy a great playtime for your baby.

You can also start using bath toys and establish a good bathtime routine for your child. Buy these Squeaky Multiocored Toys for Rs.275/- here

Play music which you used to listen to when your baby was in your womb. Children develop a certain sense of attractiveness and fondness for the food and music which they experience while they were inside you.

This is also the best time to develop a good bedtime routine too. Buy night time projections like this one here. These projections have been proven for babies to self-soothe themselves to sleep.

toy guide by age

Teethers and Rattles are the ultimate saviours when the baby starts teething which can happen anytime during this time period. Stock them up as you would be needing them until they develop their first set of teeth (2 above and 2 beneath).

Nibbler+Teether is a great option since this is also the time when you will start introducing solid food into his eating regime. You can put fruit pulp in the nibbler and voila your child’s first solid food is ready.

toy guide by age

Remote gadgets and baby phones especially the one that makes sounds when you press a button are also their favourites. They also help establish good hand and eye coordination. All the babies are immediately fascinated by electronic gadgets like phones, tablets and laptops. This might be a good option when you want them to play with a duplicate one.


6-9 Months

Oral exploration starts at this stage by which I mean your baby will start putting everything in his mouth. This is a huge concern for all mums since they are worried about their baby getting choked or all the germs that are stuck on the toy.

Since your baby would start to crawl right about now and he might also be able to lift him up by support, the time has come to baby proof the apartment.

Babies at this age become very busy learning how to move around.

Start playing him videos which have rhymes or those which teaches them about animals, fruits etc.  Here is a youtube channel you could follow. You can easily find a lot of videos on Youtube for free.

At this age, he is able to grasp onto words so continue reading to him. You may have noticed that your child starts answering to his name and *hold your breath* mama is also not far away.

You can also start playing with soft balls, toys that push around on wheels or balloons.

P.S.- Make sure that you wash his toys daily. You can use this multi-use cleanser for baby accessories like nipples, toys etc here. Keep small things which he could choke on out of his reach.


9-12 Months

This is the most interesting time for you to take the babies out. They would love it. Take them for a walk to a garden or on a drive. Whether you are talking to him or reading to him, wait for him to respond and then start again. This will help in building a conversation between you two.

Buy puzzles and blocks. Buy tower stacks for babies. You build them up initially and he will knock them down. Build it up again in front of him and soon he will be able to do it by himself. Buy these plan toy stacking rings for 999/- here

Put all his toys in a box in front of him like books, soft balls etc. and let him crawl till there and discover what’s there inside.

Buy a baby walker. Babies love to stand upright at this stage. Buy this Mee Mee Baby Walker with Push Handle and adjustable height at 2399/- here

During this time all the children would develop an interest in different types of toys and books. You don’t have to waste your energy on finding things that entertain him. They would decide it themselves.

Board books are a must at this age since it’s easy for babies to turn the pages in them. When you are reading to your baby let him turn the page by himself or hold his hand and turn the page. This way he will be able to turn the pages by himself very soon. Buy this set of 10 board books at 495/- here

toy guide by age

Buy a set of 10 books here at Amazon just for Rs325/-. It has got some amazing reviews.

We hope that this guide for age appropriate toys was helpful for you. The above-mentioned toys are in line with your child’s sensory developments. Do you have any toys which worked perfectly fine for you and your baby and are not mentioned above? Do share it in the Comments Box below.


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