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How I dealt with my Ectopic Pregnancy *Twice*

Ectopic Pregnancy Story

I was having periods regularly every month but suddenly, I started waking up at midnight because of my intense craving for meat and that too just cold meat.

My Dad would also wake up because I tiptoed every night and he thought there was an intruder in the house.

January 12 is my Mom’s birthday so it was a ritual at home that we celebrate the day with cake and cold drinks.

I cut the cake for everyone and tried getting the bigger slice but I had to run to the bathroom and my Baby sister followed me (she was following me everywhere that month). After that, I heard my head hitting on the floor and her screaming.

My stomach was big and shiny in just minutes and I was in intense pain. I thought I was dying.

My Dad was praying, my mum was calling my sister and my brother held my hand the whole time.

I was so confused but in so much pain.

My sister’s boyfriend arrived and we all went to the clinic.

I could not hear or understand a word those nurses were saying but I heard them say something about life and death and my Mom’s eyes just filled with tears.

I felt so much of excruciating pain but I didn’t wanna ask questions.

While in the ambulance my Mum started telling me that I’m pregnant and I will be ok.

I was so shocked and happy.

Got to the hospital and doctors were rushing to attend me, nurses were cutting my top and leggings and my Mum was called to sign a concern form still crying.

Then she held my hand and prayed.

With agony, she told me I’m going to the theatre so that they can remove my Baby because I have an Ectopic and it’s about to rupture.

Still, in pain, I felt something inside me just pop.

Doctors talking and streaming and machines all around. It became dark.

I woke up on the 14th in a room full of beeping machines and confused again.

I was checked and the Doctor explained how I lost my fallopian tube on the right side and it’s a rare case because I was over 3 months.

I cried he showed me the sonar pictures in the file.

He also explained how they had to remove the baby to save my life.

To cut the long story short, my Dad was heartbroken and passed on that same year in March.

I was broken, I had lost my Baby and lost my hero.

In 2016, I had another ectopic but was dictated early and they had to flush out the baby.

My gynaecologist says I’m ok but I just can’t anymore.

My fiancé wants a child so bad but I can’t put myself through that.

I love kids with all of my heart but having one won’t be easy because I have blocked that in my mind.

Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to share my long story.

This beautiful and inspiring story has been shared by Mbalenhle Queen Enhle Mathenjwa. Send her your beautiful wishes and strength here.

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