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Does Breastfeeding turns you on ? Find out Why It’s OKAY !

breastfeeding turns me on

Breastfeeding is never as simple as we think it would be. Even if the baby has a perfect latch and you have the perfect amount of supply. There are many things which you have to struggle with.

A lot of people don’t talk about problems which women face during breastfeeding because of their own sense of perspective and judgement. But all the women have to do it, so we think it’s time that we talk about the thing which affects around 40% of the women around the globe.

Yes, that’s right what we are talking about is not that uncommon as people seem to think it is.


In a 2000 study, 40.5% women reported having felt sexually aroused at least some point of time while they were breastfeeding. 20% reported having felt aroused multiple times while breastfeeding. Several studies have shown 45-50% of the women found breastfeeding as erotic (and 25% of those felt guilty about it).



In another study, around 35.5% men were turned on by seeing their partners breastfeeding and 41% said that they loved having sex while their wife was lactating and didn’t mind drinking the breast milk either.



So, even though the breasts main function right now is to provide the nutrition to the new addition to your family, let’s not forget how much important they have been in your life before.

Apparently, the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the production of prolactin (milk producing hormone) and shrinking the uterus is actually the same hormone released when the women have an orgasm.

Other similarities include: skin-to-skin contact, nipple erection, breasts getting handled and a sense of relaxation (due to release in breast engorgement).



It’s completely okay to feel this way, it’s important for your body too. Many women have enjoyed breast stimulation in their lives so far. And even though the role they will play are different now, that doesn’t mean that the same erogenous zones just stop feeling good when touched.

And not to forget how deeply sensual act breastfeeding is. It makes us feel powerful on so many levels and helps us connect to our emotional self.


It’s also important to note that there is nothing to feel guilty about this. Just because you feel orgasmic doesn’t mean that the emotional love that you feel for your baby has changed in any way. You are not in the complete majority, but you are not so rare either. This feeling is probably a more common occurrence than we think, it’s just majority of women feel so blameworthy, when they talk about it.

Your body and brain know the difference between the two types orgasms – trust us. So it’s okay.


Remember, that this is not something which you should keep mum about. Talk about it at least to your partner. This way you both will feel more comfortable and bonded even after the baby has made his way into the world. What if your husband actually supports you and even more. If you understand where we are pointing at.



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