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Complete Guide to Baby Proof your Apartment *Flawlessly* 

Complete Baby Proofing Guide


The first and foremost thing to do after your baby has learned to crawl and move around easily is to baby proof your home. You should start baby proofing by around 3-4 months when your baby starts to roll over. She might be able to drag herself too. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Babies are in an exploration phase and they obviously do not know which places are safe to explore. You need to keep all the dangers out of their reach which is why we have created a guide for you which includes everything you need to do to get past your baby’s self-destruction mode.

The best way to start is to think like a child and find all the places where you could crawl into and fit into. This way you will have an idea of which places are more important to conceal first.


Living Room & Dining Room:


  • Latch your doors and cabinet. Baby can easily open them and also lock themselves in.
  • Keep table cloths away as baby can pull them with all the items smashing down on him.
  • Put a fireplace screen as the baby could crawl into it.
  • Place rubber protectors on the edges of all the glass tables as baby can bump on them.
  • Put all the heavy show piece out of reach as baby can pull it down on her.
  • Put electric shields on CD and DVD players as baby can put their hands inside.
  • Pull the cord of the lamp as baby can get an electric shock or worse, strangle herself. Keep it out of reach.
  • Push in all the chairs because the baby can pull the chair on themselves.




  • Keep all the dangerous items like knives, forks and glass pots away and locked.
  • Never leave any water in the bath or a bucket. Baby can easily drown in it.
  • Install toilet lid locks.
  • Baby can meddle with hair dryers, curlers etc. and can even meddle with the cord. Make sure that you put it away after using it.
  • Install faucet shields as the baby can hit their head on it.
  • Always be there if they are having a bath as she can fall right out of the tub.
  • Lock the cabinets under the sinks properly at all times.




  • Put trash cans out of reach as she can eat it’s contents.
  • Install shields for dishwasher or oven which a baby can pull.
  • Put all the small items like refrigerator magnets or potpourri out of reach. Baby can choke on them easily.
  • Put all the food items especially any hot drinks away as the baby can spill it on themselves.
  • Keep medicines, solid foods etc. out of reach as the baby can eat them and choke on them.




  • Keep all the plants out of reach as the baby can eat the mud or the plant itself.
  • Pull out all the poisonous plants.




  • Replace all the sockets with child proof sockets.
  • Install a safety gate at the top and bottom of the stair and also on any other rooms like basements where you don’t want your baby to go.
  • Baby can take food from the pet’s bowl. Keep it out of reach.
  • Get knob covers as the baby might lock herself in.
  • Put a towel on each door so that the baby is neither able to close it nor can get his hands between it.
  • Erect fencing around the pools and never leave the baby alone around the pool at any cost.
  • Same goes with all the cords including refrigerator, TV wires etc.
  • Baby could also tangle the drape cords. Wrap them up and tie it near to the drape rod.
  • Get corner guards for all the square tables.
  • Baby can get their hand stuck in glass slide doors. Put decals on doors.


Cribs/ Toys/ Car Safety:


  • Make sure that none of the toys have small breakable things which she could possibly eat.
  • Don’t place the toys in a cabinet instead put all of them in a cardboard box or plastic box so that they are always in reach of the baby.  
  • Put car seat properly. See the video here.
  • Don’t use fluffy-bedding or crib bumpers.
  • Don’t leave toys in the crib.
  • Stop putting mobiles or hanging toys once baby can sit up and pull them.


Make a checklist or take a picture of the one given above. This will help you to cover all the places.

Did we miss out anything? If yes, Tell us in the Comments section below so that we can make the list as efficient as possible.

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  • Reply Zoë 17/07/2017 at 9:26 pm

    I have had no experience considering my lack of babies, but my friend’s daughter has recently turned 1 and your list reminded me of her extensive list. I can’t imagine you’ve missed anything considering you’ve been so thorough :)

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    Oh, thank you for this! I love how you listed everything out so it can be used as a checklist! I’ll have to save this to use in the future. :)

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      Thank you ! Glad you liked this blog

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    I don’t plan on getting a child, but my sister could really use that list since her son recently discovered how to crawl.

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      Do share it with her!

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