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21 *Mind-Boggling* Facts about Babies You Didn’t Know

Amazing facts about babies

Babies are very mysterious and any new thing we get to know about them fascinates us. After all, they are just tiny little human beings…. Our tiny little human beings. Someone we have to raise from scratch. But their little habits could at times be disgusting like drinking their own urine (YUCK!), today we are going to look at some of these enigmatic things which you should about your little one.

1 . Your baby has got taste buds not only on the tongue but… on the THROAT as well.

Even though it fades away with age, the newborn baby is actually very sensitive to taste of the food they have. They prefer sweet, which is why breastmilk is such a huge hit among babies. These tiny taste buds develop in the womb itself and the babies can taste and also SMELL the foods you eat.


2 . In the womb, all babies grow hair…. Which they eventually eat.

All the fetus in their second trimester starts to grow a thin lining of hair on their bodies, which starts from their upper lips and then grow to other parts. In almost all the cases, this hair called the LANUGO falls out and is eaten by the baby. Some of it might get changed to meconium (the baby’s first poop).


3 . Babies prefer female voices, and subconsciously adults adapt.

Babies prefer high-pitched female voices, out of which their mothers is the number one. Baby talk is also a huge hit because of their preference for high pitched voices.


4 . The weight of the newborn baby doubles in… First 5 months of their life.

Yes, babies are Milk Monsters. They can double up on the little milk they take up during feedings. Even though that’s unbelievable to you because they lose about 10% of their birth weight during the first 10 days, just WAIT for the real action.


5 . Baby girl can get periods or lactate a little bit after they are born.

Female babies can acquire their mother’s estrogen during birth (which is already high in pregnant women’s body). This can cause a mini period and mini lactation in their female parts. It’s very common and nothing to worry about.


6. Infant Swimming.

Infants up to 6 months old whose heads are submerged in water will naturally hold their breath. At the same time, their heart rates slow, helping them to conserve oxygen, and blood circulates primarily between their most vital organs, the heart and brain. The survival response keeps accidentally submerged babies alive much longer than adults would survive underwater.


7 . If your newborn is sleeping with her eyes open, it’s completely…. NORMAL.

Open-eyed sleeping or nocturnal lagophthalmos (in medical terms) is fairly common and can affect babies especially during the first 6 months of their life. It’s perfectly normal and harmless. It might have to do something with spending more time in REM sleep (less deep sleep). If your baby is SHAKING a lot, then you should consult a doctor.


8 . Babies’ eyes are 75% their adult size when they’re born.

But the vision is around 20/400 (which is extreme nearsightedness). This is the reason they prefer handheld toys and something which is really close to their eyes. After 6 months their vision reaches to about 20/20.


9 . Baby Boys can get erections.

Infant erections are rather surprising but fairly common. Even they are prone to morning boner because of a huge flush in blood due to their massive growth and growing functions during the first few months. Don’t worry if it’s temporary but do get him to a doctor if the erections causes redness or swelling, itching and the baby has discomfort while peeing.


10 . May Born Babies Weigh More.

As if by some creepy medieval magic, babies born in the month of May weigh an average of 200 grams more than other months. Are they in cahoots with the moon? The Earth’s rotation?


11 . Babies don’t have bony kneecaps.

Baby’s knees are made up of cartilage as compared to bones. This is to ensure safe, smooth and rapid growth in babies which, if hard could hamper the formation of proper vessels and bones in legs. The kneecaps strengthens with time but it could take a few years before it looks as hard as yours.


12 .Newborns cry but they don’t actually shed tears.

For the first 2-3 weeks, newborns CAN’T shed tears. They are basically just screaming out of hunger, boredom or horror of being present in this new world after having been cozy in their mother’s womb for 9 months. Even after the tears ducts develop, it’s not necessary that they actually shed tears every time they cry.


13 . Babies have a special firm grasp.

Palmers reflex or the newborn grasp starts in the fetus when it’s about 16 weeks and remains in the baby till he is about 5 months old. This grasp around the object is so strong that the baby can support his weight with it.


14 . Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.

At birth, the epiglottis and soft palate touch during quiet respiration with the mouth closed. During breastfeeding, the larynx elevates which allows the epiglottis to interlock with the soft palate. This allows the newborn to breathe and swallow at the same time – something the adult human cannot do.


15 . An object ceases to exist for a newborn if it’s out of sight.

Object permanence, a concept which teaches us that the object can be seen, touched and thus exist even if it’s not seen is absent in newborns. Their ability to grasp and ability to focus on objects will eventually develop object permanence. At this stage, infants aren’t really aware of the objects which they can’t see.


16 . Babies have soft spots on his head, which bulges and pulsates.

These soft spots are called fontanels and they perform a very important function. They are soft and pulsating to mould the shape of baby’s head while passing through the birth canal and to accommodate growing brain after birth. The back one stops it’s bulging by them time your baby is 4 months and the front one might become sturdy by the time baby is year and a half.


17. A baby’s brain uses 50% more glucose than his body.

Enough Said!


18 . Baby poop can actually be EXPLOSIVE.

According to “Newborn poop is mostly liquid with some mustard-seed texture mixed in. As a result, it doesn’t take much power to propel it across a room.” Those diaper blowouts are going to be extremely messy.


19 . Babies forget the whole first 3 years of their life.

Infantile Amnesia or Childhood Amnesia is where all the babies forget everything which has happened in the first 3 years of their life. This is because of the precipitous growth of new cells in the hippocampus during infancy, known as neurogenesis. When brains are busy growing lots of new cells, they don’t store memories that would otherwise be long-term.


20 . Babies can read your mind

Babies are so good at reading other people’s emotions, that experts compare it to “mind reading.” In one study, researchers found that 18-month-old toddlers pick up on (nonverbal) emotional communications, even if it doesn’t directly involve them. That’s pretty fascinating because many adults aren’t even able to do that! By watching others, babies learn some important lessons about how to behave. In the study, for example, babies watched two adults interact. One of the adults played with a toy while the other either expressed anger or a neutral expression (and either stayed in the room or left). When the child was given the opportunity to play with the toy, they hesitated longer when the angry adult was in the room looking at them with a neutral expression.


21 . Babies brain prepare for speech long before they utter a word.

Motor part of baby’s brain involved with physical aspects of speech activates much before than they speak. The brain sets up a transitional groundwork in a process known as “analysis by synthesis” in which the brain predicts the motor movements that will be required to make the sounds of speech and prepares to do so.
I hope you are shocked as much as we are after reading an astounding string of facts about your bundle of joy. Which one of them was miraculous to you the most ? Tell us in the Comments section below.


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