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3 *Must-Read* Books For All *DADS-TO-BE*

best books for expectant father

For a modern dad-to-be, the pressure of fatherhood exceeds more mentally than emotionally. When wifey is reading What to expect.. and you still have mixed feelings about your new role, there are some books which will prepare you for it better than ever.

It will help you to understand and hence analyze your feelings. There is so much mentioned about physical and mental changes that your partner is going through that you can easily BID BYE-BYE to the Babycentre Bookmark.



We would categorize the book to be very informative and to the point. The cartoons add a bit of humor to the book too.

Each chapter is divided into four parts: what’s going on with your partner emotionally, what’s going on with your partner physically, what’s going on with the baby and what’s going on with you. And the last part actually consists of the major portion dedicated to the father’s feelings. (unlike what most fathers would have thought)

The author has dealt with so many emotions and experiences. Apart from personal experiences, he has also included various stories of loved ones around him and so the book has been very successful in creating an emotional connection with the stories of all the fathers mentioned. He has included a lot of research work too which gives a scientific and practical edge to an otherwise tender narration. A lot of this research work helps and answers questions like why you should talk to your baby? which somehow initially doesn’t make sense to a lot of fathers.

All the fathers go through a completely different set of feelings in each month. Armin and Jennifer have talked about each one of them in detail so that you realize why you are experiencing it and what does it mean?. For example: A time would come when you will feel jealous of your partner because of all the attention she is getting and the next month you are filled with your newly found parental instincts, thinking about the time with your own father and how these memories overflow and direct you to the kind of father you want to be.

One important thing which the author has definitely explained is MONEY. From as simple expenditure as on a crib, he goes as far to talk about a college fund. He just doesn’t mention them to let you know that it’s time to think about it, he literally explains each and everything that you require to know about and goes into full detail. He has also talked about the type of the practitioner you should use ( their advantages, cost, disadvantages) , how you should decide to take care of the baby ( how to manage job leaves, which type of babysitter to choose etc.), how to manage various birth situations ( C-section or any other complicated birthing operation ).

He has gone as far to talk about on how should you reach to the hospital when your wife’s water breaks, sectioned it into three points and clearly explained so as to why this one is better if you want this or not.

It also talks about the aspect of RELATIONSHIP with YOUR PARTNER. Authors have given advice on how to include yourself more at all the stages, fun stuff you could do to increase your bonding, advice about how to decide on work-family situations and also fun game on how to decide the baby’s names, a topic which could pull on the cord of your wife’s raging hormones and pregnancy brain.

They have also included feelings of parents who are adopting or having a baby through ART. There are also sections on preemie babies and what to do if your wife has a C-section.



The introduction of the book title,”Dude, you’re gonna be a dad” forms an instant connection with anyone who reads it for the first time. It kind of sends a chill down a dude’s spine when they get to know that pro-life will be finally over. However, this book is successful in descending them to your fatherhood journey in a very subtle manner. It connects in what we would like to call bro-language, It’s funny, illustrative and the best part is CRIB-NOTES.

The book is an easy read for someone who is actually a dude but lacks depth for a father. The author answers all the questions that he might demand or needs to know at this point of time.

And wait that’s not the end it might just make you feel like pregnancy, childbirth, and kids are about to ruin your life for good.

The author himself is a father of three and has been through these experience a lot of times you see. With a stepdaughter, a naturally conceived daughter and a baby by IVF the dude does have a lot of parenting tips and tricks to share with all kinds of dad to be.

This is the part which connects you and hangs you to the book. The quotes that he puts up in the middle are also like an icing on the cake on the good part of the humor.

To sum-up, the book is full of practical advice for new dads-to-be. It’s very well organized, easily readable and full of useful bulleted lists from start of the pregnancy where you have to visit your OB/GYN for the first time until the end where you would get your little fella home.

The author provides some relief from the pains we are experiencing as the expectant father. Everyone knows that the father is the one to carry the responsibility and take care of them in an exclusive manner. Missing out on any information could cause a great deal of mental wreck for him. So the author has made sure not to miss out on any kind of important event that is about to happen.

His takeaway tips and fatherly love will melt your heart at many points. It is a good read for anyone who has been experiencing the difficulty to adapt to their fatherly role. This book has set the grounds for doing that.



The Birth Partner is an excellent book for all the fathers who would want to participate in the birth of his child with love and care.  So that they actually feel connected to their partners and also to their baby in a much more special way than expected.

Penny Simkins is a doula herself so her experiences are very practical and realistic. She gives you the exact meaning of a true helper during the birth process. It will give you a complete picture of labor and what you can do to comfort your partner. Childbirth is definitely the toughest part of pregnancy and it’s better to be prepared for it as much as your partner is. It will make her feel happy and safe too.

It also acknowledges the fear and emotions which you experience this helping you manage them better.

She gives an unbiased view on all the procedures including medical interventions so that you are able to decide better for yourself and also help your partner make important decisions for her and your baby. This is practically the most indispensable book for you and the mother as well.


These 3 books are what we think are quintessential for a father-to-be to read and obviously the ones which have all the information they need. Books are the best way to list down all your emotions and feelings at one place.

What were/are your favorite books which prepared you the best for fatherhood? Add them in the Comments section to help our other fathers decide best for themselves.

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