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Make the *BEST* Fertility Smoothie EVER with *ONLY* 5 Ingredients

Fertility Smoothie

It’s not a secret that diet plays a crucial role in all your bodily functions. And when it comes to fertility, many people got the good news earlier than they expected after making some major health moves.

As opposed to popular notion, Unhealthy eating habits affect men in the same way as women. Even sperm follows a 3 month cycle and the semen’s proper motility, morphology etc. have all been linked to vitamin deficiency and health negligence.

Therefore, we have jotted down 5 main ingredients to add to your breakfast smoothie to step up your fertility game and receive your bundle of joy quickly.



Berries & Greens


Berries and Greens are full of antioxidants, fibre, iron and various Vitamins and minerals. You can also try green powder to add to your smoothie.  It will provide you with the same benefits.


Berries and Greens promote egg growth and maintain healthy cycle whereas in men the antioxidants protects the sperm and promotes a safe environment so that they can thrive.




You need adequate protein in your diet for proper functioning of body. However, make sure that you use plant based protein powder rather than pea protein, soy protein or whey protein. Plant based protein has been linked with lower cases of infertility. 



Healthy Fats:


Healthy Fats include olive oil, nuts, seeds etc.  All of them are important for immune function, promoting healthy blood flow and maintaining lubrication around pelvic area. There are various options available for fats like nuts, nut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds etc.



Good Liquid.


You could rotate between liquids instead of having the same daily.  You can try full fat milk (it has been proven that women having full fat milk have higher fertility than those who consume low fat milk/skim milk), almond milk, coconut milk etc.



Fertility Superfoods:


They are a natural way to quickly target the fertility area of your body naturally. Most of them have no side effects but still you shouldn’t go overboard with them.

Some of the safe superfoods to add include Maca, Wheatgrass, Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Royal Jelly etc.

Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen is not recommended to people who might be sensitive or are already allergic to them.


To read more about how diet affects your fertility read this blog here.  Tell us your favourite smoothie recipe including the above 5 ingredients.  Comment below and help other couples who are trying too. 

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