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Top 5 Apps which Will Soothe Your Baby to Sleep *INSTANTLY*

Best apps to lull baby to sleep

Your newborn has just come just come out of the womb and is very much used to sleeping in the presence of a thumping heart, flowing blood vessels and stimulative digestive tracks. Baby is also very used to the sounds that you were around daily when he was in your uterus like shower, particular music, fan, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner etc.

Therefore, when exposed to these noises he will be able to soothe himself and thus fall asleep early.

There are times when you have done everything you have possibly can but the baby is not ready to fall asleep. Times when he is crying so much that you start to wonder about whether you are failing as a parent.  Not to worry it’s just that the baby has lived inside the womb for 9 months and he is very used to it and once he comes out he is quite astonished and bummed at the new things he is experiencing.

By which I mean that he might enjoy exploring the new world for a while but he would also want the warmth and sound of the womb to keep him calm at the fussier times.

This is the reason why he loves to lie close to the mother’s heart since he has heard that pumping heart for nine months and that soothes him. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

There are many apps which have quite successfully created the same sounds which might help baby sleep. Here is a list:

  1. Baby sleep Instant: A Free app on android with 14 inbuilt sounds plus you can record your own voice to help your baby sleep on his own.
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    The best part is the unlock app costs just Rs.10/-. It unlocks longer duration sounds and has been proven to be very helpful. The free app has over a million downloads and the unlock has over 1000 downloads. So yes it does work.
  2. White Noise baby sleep sounds: White noise basically blocks all the noises running in your brain and occupies it with soothing everyday sounds.
    Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.09.53 PM
    The best part is it’s not only useful for your baby but the exhausted mother as well. You can also set the amount of time for which you want the noise to run. With over 100,000 downloads and 4.8 rating, this app has become very popular.
  3. Bedtime music lullaby songs: Babies love music especially the music which calms them and soothes them.
    This app has the most loved lullabies with deep relaxation songs which will help your child develop undivided attention. This will also help him in develop his hearing and communication skills.
  4. Baby Shusher: This app makes a sound like shush, shush, shush continuously and it does work.
    You might have seen a lot of experienced professionals would tell you to put your hand on your baby’s chest and repeat sound of shushing, shush till he falls asleep. This is a great way of sleep training your kid when you lay them on the bed drowsy after nursing him. This app just reduces your work and repeats shush at an equal rhythm.
  5. Nighty night: This app basically narrates the bedtime stories with amazing animations. Since babies just love to watch contrasting colors and stark voices, this app is just perfect for them.
    It will keep them engaged and due to its visionary tool make them feel sleepy soon. Everyone including me is in awe of the animation and perfect clarity of all the creatures that are present in the videos. With over 500,000 thousand downloads this app has the capability of becoming your child’s bedtime pal.

These apps will make the bedtime easier with your baby without causing separation anxiety in him.

What other things did you do, which helped your toothless go to sleep all by himself? Tell us in the Comments section below.


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