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DIY Padsicles for Postpartum Relief

padsicles for postpartum

Postpartum Care is a must for all the mothers. To heal naturally and effectively, getting all geared up is essential. And one thing you shouldn’t forget about is PADSICLES. Padiscles are cool, soothing pads that new mamas use for relief from hemorrhoids and vaginal tears. So, it doesn’t matter if your mode of delivery is C-section or Vaginal Birth, you will need these pads for sure.

What You will Need:

  • Pads: Buy long ones like Stayfree All Night to have maximum coverage for both anus and vagina. Some moms even use baby diapers and it’s okay to do that.padsicles for postpartum
  • Witch Hazel: Make sure you use Pure Witch Hazel without any alcohol in it. Try these two here: Option 1/Option 2padsicles for postpartum
  • Aloe Vera: Use the natural one from the plant instead of buying the ones in the marketplace.padsicles for postpartum
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender Oil is great for calming the skin and gives soothing effects. This one here is cheap and has great reviews.padsicles for postpartum
  • Spray bottle. Witch Hazel needs to be sprayed as you need about a teaspoon amount on each pad which should be spread evenly.


How to make them:

  • Take out pads one by one. Open them and make sure that you leave the wrap and adhesive in the place. Lay out 5-6 at a time. Or any number comfortable for you. You need at least 30 to start. Prepare them at the same time as you pack your hospital bag i.e around 36-37 weeks.
  • First, apply Aloe Vera gel generously on the pad.
  • Next, spray with witch hazel and finish with 1-2 drops of Lavender essential oil.
  • Fold them up and keep it in the freezer. You can carry some to the hospital with you. You might need it after your first poop.

Hemorrhoids are very common, especially after a vaginal birth. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectal region that might pop out and show after childbirth. Hemorrhoids can occur even during pregnancy and most of them go away a few weeks postpartum.


What are the reasons for hemorrhoids during pregnancy and postpartum?

The reasons are threefold:

  • Growing uterus and baby puts excess pressure on veins and vessel in the pelvis especially the Vena Cava, which helps supply blood from lower body to the heart and vice versa. During pregnancy, a lot of strain can hamper blood circulation at times and lead to hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy hormone, Progesterone is responsible for relaxing the muscles around the abdomen and pelvis area to support the baby and the uterus, which makes it easy for the swelling to develop.
  • Labor and Childbirth puts a lot of pressure on the anal area and the vaginal area, which can lead to urinary and fecal incontinence too.


How to heal hemorrhoids fast?

  • Use Padsicles, of course.
  • Don’t sit or stand for too long. Stay in a comfortable position.
  • Eat a high fiber diet and don’t hold in because of the fear of pain. It will just make the situation worse. You need to make sure you are not constipated. Try prescribed laxatives too, in case, high fiber diet doesn’t work well for you.
  • Keep the area clean. You can sometimes splash warm water or try sitz baths for 5-10 minutes to have temporary relief.
  • Pain killers are your lifesavers so don’t hesitate to ask for them.


Make sure to call your healthcare provider if you suffer from rectal bleeding or long lasting excruciating pain. If you any tips on dealing with hemorrhoids, don’t forget to mention them in the Comments section below.

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