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9 Useful Tips On How To Wear A Saree During Pregnancy

wear a saree during pregnancy

Traditional Indian wear will never go out of style. No matter how much we love our jeans, dresses, skirts etc., the traditional wear will always remain a hot favorite of ours! Now, that you’re pregnant, your body will undergo a lot of changes. But, this shouldn’t be a reason why draping a saree becomes a pain in the ass!  In fact, once you learn these useful tips on how to wear a saree during pregnancy, you will feel more confident and ready to rock that traditional chic style!


#1 Use a Belly Band

wear a saree during pregnancy

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A belly band supports the belly and also helps maintain a balance of the body weight. Your center of gravity goes out of balance because extra belly weight, this extra support will help you maintain your posture and will also give a nice drape to the saree.


#2 Don’t Rush

Do a little trial walk before heading out just to make sure that the saree is properly in place. If you are wearing platform heels/wedges or any other sandal, then make sure that you wear a saree while you have them on. This will make sure that the length of the saree is adjusted according to the footwear. One more important thing you need to make sure is that the saree doesn’t get stuck in your feet at any point in time. This will reduce the chances of falling down.


#3 Choose Sarees With Narrow Borders

wear a saree during pregnancy

Sarees with heavy borders will just accentuate the weight you want to hide. Sarees with thin borders will not just enhance your simplicity but will also help in giving you a taller appearance and hence, sleekier appearance.


#4 Try Different Draping Styles

Experiment with draping styles. Go for front pallu that completely covers the bump or shows a little by the side. Or choose a draping style from a different state like from Assam, Bengal or Rajasthan. Make sure that the style suits you the best and makes you comfortable too.


#5 Choose light fabrics

wear a saree during pregnancy

Don’t go for sarees with a heavy cloth that will just constantly weigh you down and make you uncomfortable. You are already holding down a lot of weight from your belly, any extra will just cause discomfort. Opt for lightweight fabrics that are embroidered or have beautiful patterns. Go for cotton, raw silk, georgette etc.


#6 Don’t opt for heavy blouses

Heavy blouse when you are already having trouble breathing and your heart is working so hard is just not an option to opt for! Wearing Heavy blouses is worse than wearing a heavy saree. Go for simple blouses that are low back but still cover your bump. Choli blouses are a good option at this time.


#7 Accessorize More

wear a saree during pregnancy

Maang Tikka, Earring, Choker Jewellery are so in fashion right now! And adding just a small piece of jewelry will give the perfect amount of glam to your otherwise simple outfit. Try these stand out accessories:

White Pearls Beaded Polki Ring here; Golden White Pearl Multi Strand Necklace here; Pearl White Necklace here; Gold Plated Dangle and Drop Earrings With Maang Tikka here.


#8 Change the Way You Pleat

This is the number 1 mistake women make when they wear a saree during pregnancy. Don’t make small pleats, go for at least 3 cm wide pleats during pregnancy. They will not slip off your belly. Once you make the pleats properly, the pallu will cover at least half your belly.


#9 Decide if you want to flash your belly or not!

wear a saree during pregnancy

Not all women are comfortable flaunting their bump and that’s okay! What’s more important is being confident in your skin. Opting for options mentioned above such as choli blouses, belly band etc. can help you cover the bump. If you want to show off your bump, then just pleat the pallu too, this will help enhance the look of your saree.


Another thing to make sure while you try out or wear a saree is to ask for help when you need to. Sarees involve a lot of twisting, bending etc. and you don’t have to do it on your own even if you think you can.

We hope these tips have helped you a lot and you feel to be much more on the pro side when you wear a saree during pregnancy. If we have missed out on something, which you feel has helped you out and should be added to the list, leave a comment and let us know so we can include your SUPER idea in our list!

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    brilliant , never thought about this issue , and great photos and explanation too

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    I would have never thought of this but I imagine it would be tricky! Lovely breakdown and tips!

  • Reply Prerna Garg 24/07/2017 at 3:18 am

    I loved the tips. I used to think that wearing a saree during pregnancy would be a big no but with your tips I don’t think that’s going to be a problem now :)

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      Glad this could help you!

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