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7 *Must* Buys For Your Toothless’ First Aid Kit

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

A newborn first aid kit is a must to have before your baby arrives. But, with so many options available in the market it becomes a little confusing on what a parent needs to stock on before the toothless arrives. Therefore, we have come up with a list of 7 newborn first aid kit essentials to buy before the baby arrives.


1. Baby Safety Scissors

Cutting newborns nails is the scariest part of parenthood. Everyone who has done it will agree that they are in constant worry of hurting their kid and whether or not they are hurting them. It’s very important to use the right technique for cutting baby’s nails.

How to cut the baby’s nails safely?

Instead of distracting your baby to cut the nails, choose the time when she is either sleeping or just came out of the bath (nails are softer at this time). You need to firmly grasp the hand of your baby and make sure that you cut along the curve of the nails when doing it on hands and cut it straight while doing it on feet.

If by any chance, you cut the baby’s skin around a little, don’t panic just run her hands under cold water and leave it be. Don’t put a band-aid on it, as the baby will more likely swallow it. The bleeding will stop in a few minutes, so don’t worry just cuddle for a while and it will be all okay.

As newborns and babies have no control over their nails, it’s highly likely that they will hurt themselves and other people around. So, these are undoubtedly one of the newborn first aid kit essentials to buy.

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

Buy these Rokang Baby Safe scissors with a circular head for Rs.190/- here.


2. Rectal Thermometer

A fever in babies is generally accompanied by either a reaction to the shots or by cold/infection. Any temperature higher than 100.4℉ is not safe for the baby and should be consulted with the doctor immediately.

How to use a rectal thermometer for accurate measurement of body temperature?

Many parents are not willing to use a rectal thermometer because they think that the baby might feel very uncomfortable. But, you need to know that the accuracy of a rectal thermometer is much more than the temperature that is taken by mouth, underarm etc. To start, rinse the thermometer with soap and water. Make the baby lie down on the chest, with legs curled up to the chest. If the baby starts wriggling here itself then try to put her on your lap and comfort her for a bit before starting. Lubricate the thermometer with some vaseline. Now you need to firmly hold the buttocks and insert the thermometer. Wait till it beeps and then take note of the temperature.

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

Buy this Oral, Underarm and Rectal thermometer which is safe to use for babies, toddlers and adults at Rs.1626/- here.


3. Tongue Cleaner:

A baby’s tongue can deposit white residue from breast milk, which can irritate him and can also interfere with latching and feedings. Therefore, it’s necessary that you do tongue cleaning as and when necessary for the baby. You don’t have to do it daily, but as soon as you see a white residue take time out to clean the baby’s tongue.

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

Buy this Soft Tongue Cleaner for babies for Rs.395/- here.


4. Gas and Colic Reliever:

All babies whether formula fed or breastfed get colicky and suffer from digestive issues at some point in time, so you need to prepare for this inescapable issue. FridaBaby company from Sweden has come up with yet one more magical device to help mothers. This product is safe and easy to use and it will not harm your baby in any way. It’s supposed to be used as a rectal thermometer and works in seconds to relieve gas and colic.

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

Buy these Windi Gas and Colic Reliever for baby at Rs.1519/- here.

Other ways to calm a colic baby include: 10 *TEN* MINUTE HACKS TO SOOTHE A COLICKY/GASSY BABY


5. Cotton Swabs

Never insert any cotton swab into the ears or nose of the baby. Inserting into the nose can result in any foreign material entering into the baby’s tract and cause infection. Deep cleaning of ear is also not safe because they can interfere in the process of earwax formation in the kid and could also harm the eardrum. Therefore, it’s best that you use cotton swabs for just cleaning the outside of both ears and nose.  

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

Buy these thin stem cotton swabs perfect for the baby here.


6. Baby Wipes

This one was a no brainer but still something essential to stack up on before the baby arrives. Keeping your baby’s skin clean and healthy while keeping it moisturized is important. So, buy good quality wipes for your baby’s butt.

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

Buy these MeeMee caring Baby Wet Wipes(pack of 3) at rs.260/- here.


7. Nasal Aspirator

Nasal Aspirator is great for removing boogers and clear stuffy noses. Your newborn first aid kit essentials to buy should include one of these because, like colic, this is also one of the main problems parents struggle with.

How to use nasal aspirator?

With the directions already mentioned on the box of the product, it would be easy to easily suck out and clean the baby’s nose. Start with using some saline drops (consult your pediatrician for a good one). Rest your baby on your lap with the face on the knee, so that the chin is tilted a little upwards. Next, using a dropper, put 1-2 drops into the nostrils of the baby and let the mucus moisten up a little bit. After that sucking out the mucus will be very easy. Some babies might cry and fuss a little bit, but that’s okay. It’s not because they are in discomfort, so you don’t have to feel guilty.

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

Buy this Nasobuddy Nasal Aspirator that is suitable for ages 0-5 at Rs.359/- here.


Things which you should buy after consulting a pediatrician:

Cough/Cold Drops: If your baby is suffering from cold, then make sure that you ask your doctor for the prescription. He will be able to give you the appropriate drops and medicines based on how severe the congestion is.

Fever Medications: What the fever actually means can only be deciphered by the doctor. So, it’s best that you go for a check up once instead of self-medicating.

Any supplementations: Baby might receive some supplementation like that of Vitamin D, Vitamin K etc. The supplementation and its dosage depend on the outcome of childbirth and delivery.

Colic Drops: There are various drops available to give to babies including the gripe water for colic. But, do consult with your doctor once before giving any oral medication to the baby.

Rash Cream: Even though some rashes can be easily treated with proper care, using OTC creams and giving your baby’s butt skin time to breathe, it’s very important to consult a doctor if the rash worsens or doesn’t go away.


Other things which you might want to buy include ointments for insect bite, baby sunscreen, baby skin care products (Mama Earth Range products are natural and trusted by many moms in India), heating pad for upset tummies or cold/congestion, small flashlight to check sore throat, petroleum jelly for lubricating rectal thermometers etc. Your doctor might also ask you to keep some medications handy for your list of newborn first aid kit essentials to buy. But, we hope that this list has narrowed down some of the most important things you need.


If you think we have missed out on anything that SHOULD be included in this list but is not mentioned, do leave a comment down below so that we can add it.


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