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When Does Prega News Show Accurate Results?

Prega News Show Accurate Results

Prega News is the most common HCG pregnancy test available in India. It’s manufactured by Mankind Technologies and is widely circulated through retail stores and online stores all across India. Even though it’s clear on how the test has to be used but it’s still a common doubt among ladies on when Prega News will show the most accurate results.


What is a pregnancy test and how does it work?

Most commonly used home pregnancy tests are urine tests. In these tests, you simply need to drizzle a few drops of your urine in a dropper that’s marked in the test. Keep it on a horizontal surface and wait for the amount of time mentioned in the instructions of the test before checking the results.

Another home pregnancy test is a cup test kit in which you deposit your urine in a small beaker or cup that comes with the kit and then dip the test strip/device into it.

Doctors generally do a blood test, a qualitative/quantitative pregnancy test to determine the presence or amount of HCG in your body so as to confirm your pregnancy.


When should you take the home HCG test for the most accurate results?

For the most accuracy, it’s recommended to wait for at least a week after your missed period. This is a long waiting time for any woman who is anxiously trying to get pregnant. In general, the minimum time period is 2 weeks because HCG builds up in the blood 10-12 days after conception and in the urine 12-14 days after conception. So, it takes around 2 weeks for the HCG test to sensitize to HCG in your urine. Once, HCG starts to increase, it doubles up in every 48-72 hours.

Therefore, if you feel that you are pregnant and the test shows negative, it’s recommended that you wait for another 2-3 days before you take the test again.



When ‘during the day’ should you take the test so that Prega News show accurate results?

It’s highly recommended that you take the test with the morning urine. Morning urine is the most concentrated in HCG as any liquids don’t interfere with the dilution of the urine. You can take the test at any other part of the day also and if the HCG is very high in the body, it might show positive. But, for maximum accuracy taking the test in the morning is highly recommended.


What if I get a blurred/faint line on the test?

Any faint line can mean two things:

  1. You are pregnant and urine does have HCG in it.
  1. It’s an evaporation line. Evaporation line appears when the urine from the test starts evaporating. It sometimes is difficult to distinguish between an evaporation line and actual pregnancy +ve line. One clear difference is that evaporation line generally appears after the time that is mentioned in the instructions. Therefore, it’s important that you carefully follow the instructions.


What are some other best Pregnancy home tests available in India apart from Prega News?

Prega News pregnancy test is available at just Rs.49/-. You can buy it here. Prega New test kit comes with a dropper in which you collect your urine. You then have to put 3 drops of urine on the test and then wait for 5 minutes. Keep the test on the horizontal surface while waiting.


Other tests are:

I Can-I Will Pregnancy Test:

Prega News Show Accurate Results

This test comes with a strip which you need to dip into a clean container that has a sample of your morning urine. The instructions clearly specify to use morning urine. Using a dropper, deposit 3 drops of urine into the aperture that is present on the test strip. Wait for 1-5 minutes and check if there is a double line (pregnant) or single line (not pregnant/invalid). The test is very sensitive to the presence of HCG and can be used as soon as 6 days after conception. However, it will be most accurate after 2-3 weeks after conception.

A pack of 3 test strips costs Rs.144.50/-. Buy it here.


Get News One Step Pregnancy Test:

Prega News Show Accurate Results

GetNews guarantees 99.9% accuracy as opposed to around 95% accuracy promised by other tests. Each kit comes with a dropper and the pregnancy test strip. To perform the test, you need to hold the test using the thumb grip to soak the absorbent strip with your urine. This should be done for a minimum of 10 seconds before you rest it down on a horizontal surface for around 3 minutes. If the test shows 2 red lines then you are pregnant otherwise not. The test should be done on the first day of your missed period.

You can buy a pack of 5 test strips for Rs.124/- here.


Dr.Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Kit:

Prega News Show Accurate Results

Velocit Pregnancy test is a one step pregnancy test that should be done in a similar way as Get news One Step pregnancy test. It comes with an absorbent strip at the end that you need to hold in the urine stream before waiting for a few minutes to check the results. The test has 2 windows – rectangular and oval. While the oval window is used to confirm that the kit is working properly or not, rectangular is used to confirm the pregnancy.

This kit is priced at a slightly higher rate than others. One kit can cost you Rs.300/-. You can buy it here.


Clearblue Easy Plus Pregnancy Test:

Prega News Show Accurate Results

Clearblue pregnancy tests can show positive results from as early as 5 days before your missed period. However, the accuracy is low and the accuracy increases to 99% on the day of your missed period. The test can show positive in a minute but if no results are shown, wait for 3 minutes for the test to work. You need to hold the absorbent part of the strip under your stream of urine for 5 seconds. When the strip turns pink, it means the test is working. You then have to spot a +(pregnant) or -(not pregnant) sign.

Clearblue test (2 kits) comes at a hefty price of Rs.1697/-. But, it’s by far the most accurate and rated high by the consumers. You can buy it here.


The accuracy of the pregnancy test also depends on how sensitive test kit is to HCG. So, you need to make sure that you really thoroughly when and how does a particular test show accuracy.

Do tell us in the Comments section below, whether or not any of the test mentioned above worked out for you.

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