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Is it REALLY safe to lose weight during pregnancy?

lose weight during pregnancy

A tricky question to answer. But, YES! It’s true, some women do lose weight during pregnancy and yes, it ‘s completely safe.

There are 2 reasons so as to why it’s considered safe for a woman to lose weight during pregnancy:


Obese mothers might lose weight during their first trimester. This is because they start eating healthy and exercise regularly. It’s never recommended that you diet during pregnancy and you should never restrict your calorie intake below 1700 calories in a day. But, changing your dietary habits automatically makes you lose some weight.

Some doctors might also recommend an obese mother to lose weight in a healthy manner. Contacting and keeping in touch with a health advisor or a pregnancy nutritionist is recommended too.

If you lose more than 10 pounds at any point in time, immediately contact your health care provider.



80% of the total pregnant women suffer from some form of nausea during pregnancy. In some cases, it gets to a point where it becomes almost impossible for a woman to eat/drink something. This is a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. There is a thin line between severe morning sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum. And those who lie beneath it might lose a few pounds of weight during your first trimester.

Do contact your doctor for any weight loss because depending on your medical conditions and BMI, it might be or might not be okay for you to lose weight. Women with overweight BMI might lose more weight and be OKAY! But, those with healthy BMI (slightly on less than the average side) might need some extra medications or diet changes to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

You shouldn’t gain more than 2-4 pounds in total in the first trimester anyways if you have a healthy BMI. If you have an overweight BMI, it’s necessary to keep your portion control and diet healthy and also exercise regularly.

Overweight Mothers generally suffer from a lot of problems including increases risk of C-section, preeclampsia, Gestational Diabetes, birth defects etc.


It’s very important that you gain weight gradually during pregnancy. Calculate your BMI using this equation weight/(height)2. Weight is in kg and height in cm. If it lies between 18.5-24.9 then you should gain between 11-16 kgs give or take 1-2 kgs from the upper limit. If it’s lower gain about 20 kgs and if it’s higher you should probably gain around 8-12 kgs.

However, if you are carrying twins you can gain anything between 16-24 kgs. If you are underweight it might be tough for you to gain more but strive to gain at least 20 kgs.If you are BMI is higher than normal you should gain between 12-20 kgs.

Don’t worry about weight loss harming the baby in any way. If your ultrasounds are okay and you are getting all your macros in than losing a few pounds does not affect your baby’s development. (1)


Also, remember that any weight loss/weight gain should thoroughly be discussed with your OB/GYN. Everyone’s pregnancy is different and what we have mentioned are just guidelines to follow through.


Do you have a weight loss pregnancy story which you think might help moms reading this? Share it with us in the Comments section below.

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