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What is Lightning Crotch? (Just Another Weird Pregnancy Pain)

Lightning Crotch

When you are pregnant every day brings a new surprise. Whether it’s good – let’s say your baby just started kicking and you have had a large red velvet cake at breakfast or it’s bad – means you are experiencing sudden discomfort in some shocking places and your husband ate the last piece of your cake. Pregnancy is always full of unexpected bumps.

Here we are talking about yet another one of this unforeseen and bad pains that all the pregnant women experience. It’s called LIGHTNING CROTCH.



Also known as fanny daggers, lightning crotch feels like a searing pain down in your vaginal area. It’s slightly intense pain that goes and comes frequently. It can be uncomfortable to deal with.



There are several reasons for lightning crotch:

  • Hormonal Changes: Progesterone relaxes the muscles down there. The major muscles it affects include pelvis, abdomen and hip portion. Relaxation of muscles can already make the pressure of the baby worse. Dilation of the cervix can cause lightning pain the crotch. However, there have been no studies that have backed this.
  • Dropping: By the end of pregnancy, the baby starts dropping to come to its final position before entering this world. As the baby descends down, the pressure in the pelvic area increases causing lightning pain.
  • Baby’s Movements: As the baby grows, it stretches and moves around the birth canal. The baby also comes to the anterior position before birth. If it’s in the breech position or posterior position, the body  would naturally want to turn the baby. This can cause lightning crotch too.
  • Nerve Pain: If the baby is positioned such that it puts a pressure on a nerve that can cause soreness in the crotch, it can lead to some pain.
  • Low Magnesium levels: Lot of pregnant women suffer from Low Magnesium levels. Magnesium is directly related to muscle spasms, pains, and soreness. It’s very important that you have adequate Mg either from your diet or by supplementation. Low Magnesium levels can also lead to premature labor.
  • Round Ligament Pain: Round Ligament Pain can sometimes cause some soreness in the crotch too. It’s because the ligaments that support the uterus are interconnected and can affect the muscles around.


Does experiencing LIGHTNING CROTCH means labor is near?

The intensity of lightning crotch does increase when the body prepares itself for labor. Like when the baby is descending or there is cervical dilation. But, there can be many other reasons too. So, it’s not considered a definite sign that labor is near. Some women take weeks to go into labor even after experiencing intense pain down there.


How to ease this weird pain?

In order to ease the lightning crotch pain make sure that you are active but are not twisting and bending a lot. There has been a  study that has proved that occupational exposure that involves a lot of twisting and bending increases pelvic and lower back pain. Wear support brace at the time when you feel a lot of pressure, it really does help. Try this one here.


Is LIGHTNING CROTCH something to worry about?

No, the lightning crotch is very normal and even sharp pains are not something to be concerned about. You might want to talk to your doctor if it interferes a lot in your day to day activities.

It’s also not normal if lightning crotch is accompanied by any other symptoms such as cramps, vaginal bleeding or discharge etc.


The intensity of pain due to lightning crotch varies from one pregnant woman to another. And there is nothing to feel sad about going through a lot. Soon it will all be over and you are sure gonna miss it. Plus not to forget the sweet surprise that you will have by the end.

What are some other weird pregnancy pains you feel that not many women around you are aware of? Tell us in the Comments section below. It might help someone reading this.


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