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What are the best nursing bras in India? Because Support & Comfort Matters More Now!

nursing bras in India

Nursing bras are a necessity. Don’t skip on buying them thinking that they have no advantage over a regular. Because they do. We will list out on some very important tips that will surely make you buy one without giving it a second thought. At the end, there is a list of best nursing bras in India.


Why do I need a nursing bra over a regular bra?

  1. The primary reason would be to provide more support and comfort to you. Nursing bras are designed to let the milk ducts and the surrounding veins to grow and participate in the milk making process in a smooth manner. They are also not underwired and provide optimum straps which have six rows of hooks instead of 3 or less. Regular bras are also underwired. Your diaphragm needs to expand throughout breastfeeding and then go down too. Since this process requires free motion any kind of restriction can have a negative effect on your body’s natural process. You need to understand that milk making ducts, tissues etc. are soft and tender and any pressure on them is not good for your breasts. Breastfeeding already brings in some bumps along the road like engorgement, blocked ducts, sensitivity etc. You really don’t want to increase any troubles.

  2. Normal bras can make it difficult to nurse because pulling up the bras can result in putting pressure on the milk tissues and thus worsening plugged ducts and engorgement.

  3. Breastfeeding increases your cup size and do not compromise by wearing a wrong size bra thinking that the cup size will ultimately go down. Even though it’s true. It still isn’t a good enough reason to wear a wrong size bra. Postpartum can cause hand tingling, hand numbness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Wearing wrong size bra can worsen this. The reason being incorrect size bra putting pressure on breast bone and rib cage, which, in turn, puts pressure on the median nerve that is responsible for the numbness and tingling.


These 3 are good enough reasons to stock nursing bras even before the baby arrive. You can buy 4-5. Generally, this number is suffice if you plan on weaning within the first year. You can buy more according to your needs.


Best Nursing Bras in India are:

P.S.- Some shopping links (not ALL) included might be affiliate links, which means we get paid a small amount of the sale that you make from the link give. Show us some love and buy the product from this link if you ever plan to. It would give us some more motivation to put in continuous efforts for the blog!


Zivame – Nursing Bra With Double Layer Side Support 

nursing bras in India

Buy this super comfortable nursing bra for Rs.972/-

Zivame – Nursing Bra Cotton and Breathable 

nursing bras in India

Buy this beautiful bra for Rs.448/- at Zivame.

Fabme Nursing Bra

nursing bras in India

Buy these pack of 3 nursing bras at Rs.569/-.

Organic Antimicrobial Nursing Bra from Amazon 

nursing bras in India

Buy this bra from Amazon at Rs.569/-.

Liberti Bra – Soft and Seamless! 

nursing bras in India

Buy this bra at Rs.499/-

We have covered the best bras available online in Indian market according to reviews and brand recognition. If you have any other valuable suggestions, add them in the comments section below, we will add it to the list!

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    I have used Zivame – Nursing Bra. They are really comfortable and best during breast feeding period.

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