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Quick and Healthy 2-Minute Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie

Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie

Drinking something is much easier than chugging down when nauseated. Morning sickness is quite difficult to deal with when other symptoms of pregnancy are also lingering around. Try this quick 2-Minute Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie to combat your nausea easily.

What do you need for this smoothie?


#1 Bananas

Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie

Potassium in bananas helps combat morning sickness more quickly than you would have ever imagined. In fact, many women have a banana first thing in the morning rather than crackers to help them with nausea. Apparently, being on an empty stomach for a while can make nausea worse.


#2 Strawberry

Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie

Strawberries are great to battle nausea all day around. They are refreshing, hydrating and helps in keeping stomach acids in balance. Many women love to have strawberry ice cream or vanilla ice cream along with their meals so as to subside nausea and enjoy their food.


#3 Ginger

Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie

Having Ginger Tea or grated ginger mixed in hot water is one of the most popular remedies for morning sickness and yes, it does work! Ginger’s anti inflammatory properties help ease the digestive tract and promote healthy digestion. Even Ginger’s smell helps a lot with morning sickness.


#4 Oats

Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie

Oats are rich in soluble fiber, which means they are excellent for your digestion. Smooth Digestion = Less Nausea.


#5 Any Liquid

Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie

You can add nut milk, Greek yogurt, coconut water etc. to your smoothie to make it easily blendable. Coconut water is highly recommended because it has potassium and is extremely hydrating. It’s palatable taste also makes this smoothie easier to gulp down when you are already nauseated.


#6 ½ Tsp Vanilla

Vanilla adds a good flavor to the smoothie and makes it yummier!


How to make this Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie?

Just blend 1 large or medium banana, 7-8 strawberries, half a cup of oats, a piece of Ginger, any desired liquid and Vanilla. It might take even less than 2 minutes to do this.


TIP: To make the process even faster just keep bananas and strawberries together a day before. Also, put other ingredients measured a night before. This will save you a lot of time.

You can definitely add other ingredients such as nut butter, seeds, protein powder etc. But, they make the smoothie’s texture a little thick and hence, difficult to have. You can some more fruits like Kiwi, other berries, mango etc. They provide a more watery texture and thus, makes it easier to drink!


We hope this Anti Morning Sickness Smoothie helps you a lot. It’s super easy and contains all safe ingredients which are beneficial for you during pregnancy.

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