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11 Products That Will Make Your Parenting Life Easier

Products that make parenting life easier

Life as a parent isn’t a Cake Walk at all! At each point, you will need things that are clever, easy to use and make you and your newborn baby comfortable and happy. We are sure you would add most of them to your parenting must haves list. Here is a list of 11 products that make parenting life easier.

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#1 Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper, for those sleepless nights and crying pangs.

Products that make parenting life easier

This sleeper is a savior for times when your baby has lost all patience and nothing soothes him anymore. It’s perfect and completely safe for a newborn baby. It’s lightweight and so is easy to carry around with you. It’s rocking action calms the baby instantly.


#2 Newborn First Aid Kit, for helping your cherub get better soon.

newborn first aid kit essentials to buy

A newborn baby can sometimes suffer from high temperature, cold and stuffy nose, colic, constipation etc. It’s better that you have a first aid kit handy with you before the baby arrives. Read this list of First Aid Kit Must Haves for your toothless.


#3 Hand Held Toys, so as to give your baby some alone time.

Products that make parenting life easier

High contrast colors and high pitch noises of a hand held toy will stimulate your baby’s visual senses making them a perfect toy for baby’s first few weeks. Their nearsightedness will also help in making the toy more enjoyable. Choose toys with contrasting colors and those which can easily form a grip around newborn’s tiny hands.


#4 Newborn Carrier, so you can carry your baby and multi task at the same time.

Products that make parenting life easier

Newborn Baby Wraps are very easy to use and comfortable for your baby. Once in awhile your baby will long for your warmth and would just want to be carried in your arms. It’s for days like these when carriers will come to your rescue. Not to forget how much important is skin to skin contact for your baby.


#5 Tummy Time Pillow, so as to achieve all the milestones like a superhero.

Products that make parenting life easier

Tummy Time should be done from Day 1 of your baby at home unless the doctor has advised you not to do it. Tummy Time helps in building baby’s neck muscles which will help him in pulling off milestones such as rolling around, sitting, crawling, walking etc. A tummy time pillow helps the baby by supporting his head and help make tummy time less daunting for both of you.


#6 GroEgg Room Thermometer, to make sure that the baby is cozy and warm all night.

Products that make parenting life easier

A good temperature that’s comfortable for the baby is very important for uninterrupted sleep. A baby will be more irritated and fussy if his sleeping environment is not perfect and temperature plays a huge role in this. GroEgg Room Thermometer changes its color depending on the temperature of the room making it easy to detect if the R.T. is ideal for the baby or not.


#7 Baby Monitor, so as to keep an eye on your baby at all times.

Products that make parenting life easier

Baby Monitors are very useful for parents to help monitor their child from anywhere in the house. You can’t put a price tag on the sheer peace of mind that your baby is safe and sound even when you are not actually around him. Baby Monitors are really important to add this serenity in your parenting life.


#8 Swaddle, to make your baby feel the warmth of the womb once again.

Products that make parenting life easier

Swaddling gives the baby a sense of being in the womb again which makes them feel more safe and secure. Swaddling soothes a crying baby and also helps babies sleep longer and sounder. It also reduces the risk of SIDS as it naturally holds the baby on his back.


#9 Crib Projections, to make sleeping fun and easy.

Products that make parenting life easier

Crib Projections helps baby calm and soothe themselves down on their own. High contrasting patterns and noises helps them keep engaged. Projections are also a great way to help baby sleep on their own.


#10 Boppy Newborn Lounger, so that the baby has his own little comfortable spot ALWAYS.

Products that make parenting life easier

Boppy Newborn Lounger is easy to carry and extremely comfortable for the baby. You can carry it to your garden, to the sofa or any other room and it will give your baby his own little lounge to rest on.


#11 4Moms Infant Baby Tub, so bathing time is fun and safe for your baby.

Products that make parenting life easier

This 4Moms Infant Baby Tub has been voted and rated as the best in the market by mothers all over the world. It’s distinguished features include a built in thermometer, which lets you know the perfect temperature for your baby’s bath and 2 outlets to drain the dirty water out simultaneously with fresh water coming in. The bath tub also has a comfortable insert so that your baby is secure and safe during the bath. Since bathing a newborn baby seems like a huge task, having a perfect tub can make bath time easier and fun for both you and the baby.


These 11 products are must haves for new parents and now that you have read the whole list you know why. All of them will make it easy for you to take care of your baby and enjoy your new parenting life!


Did we miss out on anything? Something that helped you a lot and is not mainstream. Mention it in the Comments section below, we will add it with and give proper credit too.


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