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Top 5 Must Read Books For Pregnancy

Must Read Books For Pregnancy

We have carefully analyzed the helpfulness of different books available in the market based on reviews, readability and most importantly the amount of help and knowledge they impart to Moms-to-be. Here is a list of Top 5 Must Read Books For Pregnancy –


Must Read Books For Pregnancy

In this book, none of the topics have been presented so as to portray itself in a different manner from what it actually is.It shares each and every fear of pregnancy which a mother has and more. The sheer portrayal of every topic with information about that matter, some tips and how to handle it is what makes each page of the book an eye-opener, especially for the first time mothers.

It also deals with all the hard choices that you have to make as a parent. Since some topics like circumcision, formula-feeding etc. can make things to get a little bit heated up between the both of you. This book not only explains how to go forward with these argumentative topics, it also gives you practical advice on both good and bad after effects. Now that is what you actually require for a pregnancy book to offer than to coat something so serious with a layer of humor.

The Mayo Clinic’s guide to Healthy pregnancy is written by doctors who are parents too. So this kind of rules out the part where you have to trust a mid-school teacher whose part time job of blogging about pregnancy has turned into a book. The advice actually comes from people who have emotionally and medically been through all of this stuff was kinda reassuring. These people have considered that we don’t want anyone to induce more fear in us and would rather need some clear-cut, readable guide to help us through.

By Ina May Gaskin’s

Must Read Books For Pregnancy

Ina May Gaskin is a midwife and since 1970’s, Gaskins and her other midwife team members have been advocating natural childbirth. Although she is an avid supporter of natural childbirth, she is respectful of medical practitioners and practices that go around and doesn’t abuse them in any way. She is just against the practice of making childbirth fearful and painful and instead focusing on empowering women with preparation and practices that make childbirth easy and powerful for them.

In her book, she delivers powerful insights on how to increase your chances of having an unassisted birth, if an episiotomy is necessary or not, how to go for unmedicated labor, what actually happens inside your body during labor, how to create a comfortable environment for labor and delivery, what is orgasmic birth etc. She also talks about some postpartum like postpartum bleeding and postpartum depression.


By Emily Oster

Must Read Books For Pregnancy

Emily Oster is an economist. Yes, not a gynecologist, not a doctor, not a midwife, an economist and of course, a parent. While she was pregnant, she was quite infuriated with the no clear cut information and recommendations available and decided to nail all of them by doing the best she does – Finding her answers through Economics. In her book, she controversially stated that it’s okay to drink, have sushi and have coffee too. (Yay!) And it’s not as scandalous as it sounds.

Once you read her book, her statements form a base of reasoning and stats much stronger than you would have come across on any site or book. Another best part about Oster’s book is, it doesn’t take sides on anything related to pregnancy and childbirth. She rather very carefully analyses and puts forward all the facts concerning a particular symptom or process and lets us decide for ourselves. So, if you are a parent who doesn’t want anyone to tell you what exactly you should do and rather would love to resort to actualities and naked truths, this book is definitely for you.


By Janet Balaskas

Must Read Books For Pregnancy

This book is one of the best in the market to learn about childbirth. Balaskas basically talks about various exercises like stretching and positions that can be done during childbirth to ease your pain. A large portion of the book is, in fact, focused on a myriad of ways that can help you throughout your labor. It explains distinctively what happens to you and the baby. The book also offers a lot of pictures to explain all the positions so you are not confused.

Most of the pregnancy books either sugarcoat the details or try hard to make us realize the gushy detail of what’s going to happen. In this book, none of the topics have been presented so as to portray itself in a different manner from what it actually is.


By Nancy Bardacke

Must Read Books For Pregnancy

Mindful Meditation is preached for all aspects of your life. No wonder that it will be of a big help to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. The best part about the book is it extends to other parts of your life and helps you deal with the situations as they are. Mindfulness involves letting your mind and heart collaborate and helps you relax and move through any situation as they are and not as they should be.

This book also involves some group discussions, breathing exercises and yoga exercise that can help you throughout the pregnancy and mainly, during your labor and childbirth. As the book quotes, ‘You are the ultimate authority on your experience, and learning how to trust your inner wisdom is the path to what is best for you in birthing, parenting, and the general conduct of your life. Mindfulness practice offers a different kind of trust — a trust in yourself, a trust that you can handle whatever unfolds during your pregnancy, in your birth experience, or with your baby, no matter how challenging, difficult, painful, scary, or far from what you imagined it might be.’

Bardacke doesn’t put out a set of guidelines that you need to follow or listen to whilst going through your journey but rather encourages you to involve your mind, body, and heart together to live and energize the movement. Her lessons will benefit you throughout your life.


Preparation and Information empower us. So, it’s very important to be well prepared. These 5 books will surely help you with your fears and help you deal with them in a very safe manner.


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