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7 Badass Mom Replies for the Most Common *Unasked* Advice

Badass Mom Replies

Pregnancy is a phase where people around are just fueling up with their inner urges to unnecessarily comment, advice and counsel you with their not so enlightened wisdom. Even though most people know that all a pregnant woman needs is comfort, love and only ASKED advice. These badass mom replies are for all those haters who think they can get by anything they will say.


Q: You look so big, are you having twins?

Badass Mom: No! But, at least I look big because I am carrying a baby. (BURN)

200w_d (17)


Q: Can I rub your belly?

Badass Mom: Umm! I am actually more of a fan of foot rubs. Do you mind?

200w_d (19)


Q: How do you plan to lose all the baby weight?

Badass Mom: I was thinking we both could join a weight loss programme. (Subtle yet smart)

200w_d (21)


Q: You know spending time with your baby is more important than going back to work?

Badass Mom: Yes, and equally important is saving for their college fees.

200w_d (18)


Q: My labor was like horror. Would you like to hear about it?

Badass Mom: Well, with a baby on the way, what I would like is time, food and money more. Can you help with that?

200w_d (20)


Q: Taking time out for your hubby (or taking care of yourself) becomes very important post-baby.

Badass Mom: Would you be willing to babysit during that time?

200w_d (22)


Q: It is very important to sleep train your kids at an early age?

Badass Mom: Oh really? Why do you have dark circles then?

Badass Mom Replies


These might look like a little harsh, but trust us you would feel so much better. And one more good thing that will come out of this would be they would spare other pregnant women of such comments. So, you are doing good for your other pregnant pals too.


Do you have any badass reply of your own? Tell us and we will include it in this blog!


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  • Reply Darlene Dee 23/09/2017 at 5:07 am

    haha I love asking THEM to babysit. or for a foot rub instead. i was never that clever. if my RBF didn’t keep the unwanted comments away, i just told people NOT to touch me. and to gtfo.

  • Reply Echo 23/09/2017 at 5:21 am

    This is so funny. I have always been shyer and reserved but some of these responses are things I would say in my head when people would tell me or ask me the dumbest questions/give advice I didn’t ask for. I’m going to work on getting a little stronger and saying what I really feel/think.

  • Reply Shell 23/09/2017 at 6:10 am

    Lol as a parent people are always giving me unsolicited advice until my eyes roll back into my head ! I freaking LOVE your blog !!!

    • Reply admin 24/09/2017 at 3:22 pm

      Thank yoouuu 😀

  • Reply Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women 23/09/2017 at 6:10 am

    I found this post to be so hilarious! You just made me laugh so much! I have actually heard so many of these comments and I think the responses you have suggested are just the best! Aside from anything else, it actually forces the people who say such things to think about what they are actually saying. Priceless.

  • Reply Kate 24/09/2017 at 8:57 pm

    Bahaha, the sleep training one is exactly what we need right now! Thanks for sharing, totally made me giggle after a sleepless night!

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