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Cloth Diapering 101 & Your 3 Best Bets in India

cloth diapering

Using cotton nappies is nothing new to Indian Moms. They have seen it multiple times. Since the trend of disposable diapers has kicked into the market, cloth diapering for babies has taken a back seat too. However, it should be one of the decisions that you should rethink about.

Cloth diapering is not only easy but it will save you so much money. Considering that having a baby demands that you take a look at your financial planning now more than ever, small decisions can have a huge impact on your savings. And the cloth diapers that are now available are much more absorbent and easier to use than the ‘langothis’ we used to see in earlier days.


Why should you consider cloth diapering?


Comfortable for the baby:

Disposable diapers are made of high absorbing materials like polypropylene, TBT, dioxin. They can irritate baby’s sensitive skin and cause diaper rashes. They can also dry out baby’s skin and interfere with its natural balance. Cloth diapers are mostly made of cotton and so can be more comfortable for the baby than disposable ones.


Helps you Save:

Cloth diapers can save you around a lakh or even more. It’s obviously a big amount considering other expenses that are to be incurred when a baby arrives. The convenience of cloth diapers last for a longer term and has hidden advantages over disposable diapers. You could even resell them or even buy second-hand diapers. They are good to use most of the times. Not to forget the money you would be saving on the trips to stores when you are out of disposable diapers.


Good for the environment:

Diapers are third largest waste that has to be decomposed behind beverage containers and newspapers. One diaper might take up to 500 years to decompose. Disposable diapers use 37% more water than cloth diapers. This data includes the fact that cloth diapers need to be washed too. And not to forget the air pollution that comes out of manufacturing a disposable diaper. When decomposed in a landfill, the diaper releases methane, a greenhouse gas that’s 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. The cloth diapers are used multiple times before they go off to the landfill. It’s also much easier to compost a cloth diaper than a disposable diaper.

Here’s a detailed study on the environmental impact of cloth vs disposable diapers.


Before you buy a whole lot of cloth diapers of one brand. Try different styles and brands to know which one works for you and your baby the best. What worked for your friend might not work for you. So, build a stash of around 2-3 dozen diapers after you have decided on your choice.


Here are our top picks from Indian market:


#1 Super Bottoms Cloth Diapers

cloth diapering

These diapers are rated high by moms and are available in 17 cute prints to choose from. They are priced at Rs.890/- each.

#2 Mummamia Cloth Diaper

cloth diapering

They come with 2 microfiber inserts are priced at Rs. 649/- each.

#3 Littly Cushioned Cotton Nappies

cloth diapering

These nappies are 100% cotton and super comfortable. Loved by moms, these nappies are priced at Rs.399/- for a set of 5.


It is still a lot of work:

Now, some mamas might point out that it’s too much work washing the cloth diapers and scraping off the poop. Well, you know what you anyways need to first drain out the poop before discarding any diaper. Shocker! It’s recommended so because poop in any way when reaches our landfills can seriously cause damage to clean water production and pollutes the atmosphere.
Plus, babies who breastfeed have poop that is water soluble. So, you don’t have to scrape it off.
Next, comes formula fed babies or babies who have started eating solid foods. Well, in that case, you would have to remove the poop before washing. There is a solution in the market for that too – Diaper sprays! They help in removing the poop directly from the diaper without you having to work on it more.

Now, that your biggest worry is solved. Let’s come to next one – Laundry! Laundry is something that is unavoidable no matter if you are cloth diapering or not. So, washing diapers might sound a bit less of work now. Also, make sure that you don’t use detergents which include fabric softener, perfumes, brighteners, dyes etc. as they can leave a residue on the diaper and might irritate baby’s skin.


Are you still worried that it will increase your workload? Then, just choose part time cloth diapering. It’s okay if you are not so consistent with using cloth diapers as they are a lot of work. But, just using it with your baby once in awhile when you feel like you can take out more time a is good way to start too. Cloth Diapering will definitely be fruitful in many ways, so don’t skip it all together.


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    Cloth diapers are always best. I too prefer moms to avoid using Disposable diapers as they are less hygienic.

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