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11 Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks To Make Your New Mum Life Easier

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

Breastfeeding comes naturally. Sure, let’s say that for now. But, between all the engorgement pain, spit ups, postpartum pain on top of taking care of a newborn can make you feel out of control. And it’s obviously not a good feeling to feel disorganized at this point of time even on a few days. So, here are a few breastfeeding organization hacks to make breastfeeding come more naturally to you.

#1 Nursing Reminders:

Between reminding yourself to change nappies, feeding every 3-4 hours, eating healthy and taking time out for yourself, it’s a little hard to keep track of which boob you need to dunk out next. Not to forget how crucial it is. There are mums who were left with asymmetrical breasts because their babies won’t feed one side. Or preferred one side always to breastfeed. They had a reason though, you don’t. Feed alternatively or your one breast would be at least a cup size more than the other.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

Nursing reminders are a great way to do this for you. These are small magnetic clips which are no pain to use at all. So, make sure that you put it on as SOON as you are done breastfeeding. Don’t wait. We repeat, don’t WAIT. Do it right away! Buy these clips here


#2 DIY Nursing Tops

Nursing Tops can be quite hefty a purchase to make considering you would be spending around Rs. 50,000/- or more and year on diapers. You can make your own and all you need is scissors, some glue, nursing tank, and bra. That’s it.

Or you can try this two shirt method, which makes life easier too.


#3 Keep It Together

Keep all the essentials you need during breastfeeding like burp cloth, covers to tackle the wiggly baby, nursing reminders etc. at one place in your house. It could be the baby’s nursery as all the other stuff would be there too.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

Buy a bag – not too fancy Michael Kors bag, just a normal tote bag and keep everything inside. Or use your diaper bag as you would anyways need nursing must-haves when you step out of the house. So, it could save you a lot of time when you need to run some urgent errands with the baby.


#4 Label the Storage bags Right Away!

This is something that you need to do right after you pump. You know you will forget it if you keep it for later. And breast milk is gold, which you don’t want to waste.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

Just keep some sticky notes, tape, and a marker near to where you pump. Keeping the milk lined up neatly so that the newest one is at the back while the older one at front won’t help either. After all, you are not the only one using the fridge. Even if you are there is an easy chance of getting all that messed up. So, just label girl.  


#5 Invest In Milk Savers

There are times when you would leak milk involuntarily maybe at the sight of some other baby or probably near your baby. Sometimes even thinking about your baby or looking at her photo can wet your shirt. It’s not something uncommon, so be prepared.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

We know you can use nursing pads but why to waste this liquid gold. Instead, you can donate it to the bank. There are always babies who need it. But them here


#6 Use An App

There are many breastfeeding apps that will make your life way easier. These apps can do everything from recording the time of the feeding session, which side you need to feed next, what drugs are safe for breastfeeding etc. There are apps which can even track both bottle feeding and breastfeeding at the same time. This can be helpful for moms who substitute with formula or have a low milk supply.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

There is also an app called Eat Sleep which can track the baby’s eating, sleeping and diaper habits. Pretty much everything that is on a baby’s tight schedule. So, just choose what’s best for you. It will help a lot.  


#7 Do it At The Same Place Always!

Feeding a baby at the same place in your house will make #3 easier for you. Find a comfortable spot at your home and just go for it.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

Sometimes, it might be difficult to adhere to this especially if your baby also feeds at night. That’s okay! For those times choose an additional spot that also has some burp cloths and other nursing essentials stocked up.


#8 DIY BreastMilk Popsicles for Teething Baby

When teething starts, your baby will turn from a milk monster to a crying disaster. Teething is very painful for babies and for mums too. It generally starts at around 6 months but can happen anywhere between 3-12 months. Some babies do start teething pretty early.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

Babies love to chew on things especially cold things when they are teething. It’s very soothing to them. So, make a popsicle out of your breast milk. That way she will be full and you don’t have to worry about the savage nipple biting too.  


#9 Sling-Feeding

Carrying baby in a sling makes it a lot easier to breastfeed. And it’s a good way for some skin to skin contact. Skin to skin has many benefits including a happier baby who sleeps better. A happy baby will also have less feeding problems and would eat properly.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

Baby being in a sling also is a little upright so it will help with reflux too. When the baby becomes active and alert, they also tend to become very wiggly while breastfeeding. Being in a sling gives them less space to move around. Try this Magideal Sling here.


#10 Lactation Boost Teas, Smoothies or Cookies

Eating well is really important during breastfeeding. Several galactagogue foods such as oatmeal, flax seeds, brewer’s yeast, fenugreek, almond milk, chickpeas, salmon etc. are quite abundant in appropriate nutrition that is required to maintain and increase breast milk production.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

The MamaEarth and MomsCo are both renowned brands in India. The ingredients in these teas like fennel, anise seeds, alfalfa, raspberry will really help with your BM production. As of Lactation smoothies try adding oats, flax seeds etc. to your smoothie.

Read more:


#11 Have A Water Bottle near your BF Spot

You will feel more thirsty than usual when you are breastfeeding especially if you have a newborn. Breastfeeding burns a lot of calories. So you will feel both thirsty and hungry at the same time.

Breastfeeding Organisation Hacks

Breastfeeding mothers are asked to consume as many calories as they were having in the third trimester. If you want to lose weight shoot for around 2000 calories a day, you are burning 500 calories just by breastfeeding.


We hope these hacks will make your breastfeeding journey and life as a new mum easier. What were your favorite tips to follow during breastfeeding? Tell us in the comments section below.


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