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How to Have a Belly Only Pregnancy?

Belly Only Pregnancy

It’s true that no matter what you do, you will gain some amount of weight in your arms, legs, hips, chest etc. during pregnancy. Fat deposition is an important part of pregnancy. Fat stores contribute to the development of baby’s brain and nerves. Fat stores also play a major role in breast milk production. And since you shouldn’t extremely try to stop it, trying to keep it to a healthy level will help you in what you want to achieve – belly only pregnancy.

First and foremost thing you need to start with is by eating healthy and not giving in to each and every one of your craving.

We know it’s kind of hard to control when you have a baby in your belly but stop as soon as you feel you can. Most of the pregnant women overeat at this time. Also, try to make the desserts or any snacks you crave for a little healthier. Eg- make some dessert before time and substitute sugar for some other natural sweetener, try to use as much as whole grains, nuts in the recipe. This way even if you overeat, at least you would be getting in some nutrients.


Belly Only Pregnancy

Before indulging into your craving, try to have some healthy small meal so that you feel a little full before having your little treat. Have something heavy but in a small portion. This way you would be better able to stop before overeating.


Next, make sure that you are not overdoing calories. We know it might be difficult to count calories especially if you are going through so many annoying symptoms altogether. If you are eating till you are full and not overeating a lot, there is no chance that you would be taking in more calories than you need. In fact,

you do need around 300-500 calories more in your last 2 trimesters.

So, it is okay if you are feeling more hungry than you were before you were pregnant or during your first trimester.



Another tip would be to have foods that are full of fiber and makes you feel full for a lot more time. Some examples are beans, lentils, berries, split peas, broccoli, oatmeal, whole grains, nuts etc. All of them are really filling and would also help in your digestion – something that pregnancy has taken a huge toll on. Drinking lemon water can also help as it helps in your digestion, increases immunity and is amazing for your gut.


Last but not the least tip would be EXERCISE. Just train those legs, arms, shoulders etc. and you would really have no problem in storing excess fat. Strength Training and Cardio are a must. Do lots of weighted squats, lunges etc. Here are a couple of exercises that you include in your workout – kickbacks, leg extensions, stretches like butterfly pose, cat pose, hip flexor stretch, seated straddle etc. For arms do a lot of arm rotations, wall push-ups, weight training etc. Just move your body one way or the other.

Belly Only Pregnancy


Do not worry about shedding the weight which you gain while pregnant, most of it will shed down during postpartum and breastfeeding. The rest would need some effort though.

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