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Can you Get Pregnant By Precum?

Pregnancy By Precum

Precum or Pre-ejaculate is a white, transparent fluid that penis releases before the actual ejaculation. Precum is alkaline in nature and thus clears up any acidity due to urine. Sperm has a higher chance of survival if it’s in an alkaline environment. Pre-Cum also lubricates the channel to let spermatozoa a.k.a sperms flow easily through the passage.  Continue Reading…

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10 Most Common Causes Of Male Infertility (With Their Fixes!)

Main Cause of Male Infertility

Both male infertility and female infertility has been rising in India with numbers rising to 10% in 2016 from 4-6% in 1981.  There are approximately 30 million couples who have problems related to infertility. Thanks to our lifestyle changes, toxicity in food and an increase in the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. These infertility numbers are, however, lower than USA, Australia, New Zealand and France. Continue Reading…