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33 WTF but True Facts About Pregnancy

WTF facts about pregnancy

Growing another human being in your body sounds so unreal and mysterious. Well, pregnancy is a mystery. Here are 33 WTF facts about pregnancy that will blow your mind. We have listed 33 but there are many that are not yet known. After all, it’s not so easy to decipher all aspects of such a wonderful creation by God.

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Can you Get Pregnant By Precum?

Pregnancy By Precum

Precum or Pre-ejaculate is a white, transparent fluid that penis releases before the actual ejaculation. Precum is alkaline in nature and thus clears up any acidity due to urine. Sperm has a higher chance of survival if it’s in an alkaline environment. Pre-Cum also lubricates the channel to let spermatozoa a.k.a sperms flow easily through the passage.  Continue Reading…