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Why is skin to skin so important for your baby?

skin to skin benefits

Hold your newborn close to your bare chest right after birth – is an advice all of us are familiar with. But, most of us don’t know the benefits that can be reaped by such a cozy and beautiful thing that you do with your newborn baby. From promoting perfect latch to stimulating healthy growth, skin to skin benefits in a myriad of ways. After all, human touch can change everything.

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Why are my nipples bleeding during breastfeeding?

nipples bleeding during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding journey has a few bumps along the road especially for a new or a first-time mum. Initially, breastfeeding road is full of engorgement pains, latching problems, constant worry to make sure that the baby is getting enough along with postpartum recovery and taking care of a newborn. Bleeding is also something that can happen and it’s not normal. If your nipples are bleeding during breastfeeding then it’s a sign of a problem. Here are 7 reasons why nipples bleed during breastfeeding: Continue Reading…